The lock cylinder and key constitute the keying system. The lock cylinder is central to the lock mechanism installed on your door. This combination controls who is allowed or denied access to the door.

Lock Cases

The Mortice Lock series is suitable for hinged timber, metal and fire doors where applicable. The innovative mortice Lockcases, feature a non handed product that is extremely easy to install and suitable for new and most retrofit applications.


A range of cylindrical locksets suitable for semi commercial applications such as apartments and offices. The locksets are available in knobs and levers in various locking functions.

Door Closers

Door closers are an integral part of many commercial and semi-commercial door sets. Door closers maintain the integrity of fire doors along exit routes in buildings used by the general public.

Panic Exit Devices

Panic Exit Devices are designed to provide single action push type emergency egress from buildings such as places of public entertainment, or commercial and industrial complex's where levers or knobs may not be suitable.

Glass Hardware

The Lockwood Glass Patch Fitting Collection consists of a comprehensive range of high quality patch fittings designed to meet the needs of the glass door market. All products comply to current industry standards.

Architectural Hardware

Architectural Door Furniture, Entrance Handles and General Hardware.